This website is your toolkit for resources to enhance emergency care for children in your emergency department. Our goal is to provide you the means to make it as easy as possible to meet the emergency needs of infants, children and their families.

Click on the resources below for more information:

Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC) Roles
Specific descriptions of the possible roles for physicians, PAs and nurses.

Equipment and Supplies for the Care of Pediatric Patients in the ED
A comprehensive list of the most important equipment your ED should have available for pediatric care.

Guidelines for Improving Pediatric Safety in the ED
Some guidelines for improving pediatric safety in the ED.

Guidelines for Policies, Procedures, and Protocols for the ED
The sample policies/procedures in this section are based on actual policies currently in use in EDs across the country.

Guidelines for QI/PI in the ED
Some projects and QI metrics to consider implementing in your ED.

Training Video Clips for Staff to Enhance Care during Pediatric Emergency Procedures
Share these brief (3-8 minute) video clips with your staff, focused on the use of positioning, distraction, preparation and pain control techniques to enhance care for children and families.

Massachusetts ED Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator Status
Learn which EDs in Massachusetts have an identified PECC.

List of Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators in Massachusetts EDs (password protected)
A list of your colleagues who are serving as PECCs in Massachusetts, with opportunities for more communication and networking.

Clinical GuidelinesĀ and Additional Resources

LA Peds Ready Toolkit (part of the Los Angeles Country Pediatric Readiness Project)

Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator Learning Collaborative (PECCLC)

If you have any questions related to the resources provided, or to improving emergency care for children and families, please contact:

Joyce Li, MD
Co-chair, MACEP Pediatric Committee
New England PECC Network
Email: joyce.li@childrens.harvard.edu
Lauren Rice, MD
Co-chair, MACEP Pediatric Section
Email: Lauren.Rice@tuftsmedicine.org