Training video clips for staff to enhance care during pediatric emergency procedures

These brief video clips, professionally produced, will help create a more family-centered environment for your emergency department. In addition to helping children through minor procedures, these techniques will also help your staff to feel more comfortable when a child presents requiring laceration repair, abscess I&D, etc.

It is important to start at the beginning. Establishing trust is the foundation for everything else. Once that is accomplished, different positioning techniques can be used depending on the circumstances and needs of the child/ family. After then preparing the child for the procedure, a variety of distraction techniques can be used.

These non-pharmacologic techniques can then be combined with various pharmacologic techniques to provide appropriate pain control. The result of combining these techniques is a significantly enhanced experience for the patient and family.

NOTE: This worksheet for making LET Gel is provided for your pharmacist to review. Your institution is fully responsible for any decision regarding its manufacture and/or use.    LET Formula for Pharmacy